150 Years of the London Underground


On January 9th this year, we saw the London Underground celebrate its 150th birthday; 150 years of trading underground.

The transport network, more commonly know as the ‘Tube’, was born from the mind of Charles Pearson – the former solicitor to the City of London – who proposed the idea of the London Underground as a way to connect the centre of London to the suburbs.

Many of the initial proposed schemes were rejected, but it was suggested that a link should be made with the docks and the General Post Office at St. Martin’s Le Grand in London. Eventually, on 7 August 1854 after years of campaigning a private bill for the Metropolitan Railway between Praed Street in Paddington and Farringdon received the go ahead.

On January 9, 1863 the very first tube pulled out of Paddington heading for Farringdon and parked itself firmly into the book of world records.

Check out some historical footage released of the London underground:

Words: Hannah Davies


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