London Goods 004 Exclusive mix by Laidlaw

We managed to hear some amazing sets from Alpha’s resident Laidlaw ‘Reecey Trench’ over the last few months. Lucky for us he agreed to do an exclusive mix before he set sail to make Ibiza his home for the summer. 
We were also fortunate enough to be sent some previews of Laidlaw’s recent productions and we’re really looking forward to when those treasures are released. 
We hope you enjoy this finely crafted mix.

London Goods 003 Exclusive mix by Andy Ware

London Goods 003 exclusive mix is brought to you by DJ and record collector Andy Ware. With a passion for unearthing underground music that treads the line between house and techno. His sets are dark and twisted but never lose sight of the groove. With rolling bass-lines, hypnotic minimal synths they take listeners on a journey. His talent for finding unique records, that are suitably dark with a nice rolling groove makes way for a mix that is perfect for chilling out to or for the dance floor. For all bookings please contact:

London Goods 002 Exclusive mix by Tommy Hurley

Tommy has been able to build his own well rounded style of mixing and track selection from spending over a decade DJing and being at the forefront of the music scene. Priding himself on his seamless execution, drive and ability to find unique sounds, he always aims to be one step above the rest. We hope you enjoy this London Goods’ exclusive mix. For all bookings please contact:

London Goods 001 Exclusive by Brett Jacobs

London Goods 001 exclusive mix is brought to you by Luna Records signing, Brett Jacobs. A powerfully intrusive bassline kicks off the mix and pulsates towards a groove that is so perfectly riddled with twisted synths that there is no way to escape it. Brett’s sound delves into the dubby, eerie depths that he is known for and with each beat he takes us on a journey, a journey that ends with the old school vocals of Quentin Harris’ track ‘My Joy’. We hope you enjoy this London Goods’ exclusive mix. For all bookings please contact:

London Goods preview mix – Lure of the underground

Tom Jeffery was introduced into the house scene at the age of 17, taking an instant liking to the deeper sounds of house. Over the years, opening his mind to new ideas he swiftly slipped away from the restraints and verged deep into the underground being inspired by many artists, DJ’s and labels, acquiring an unrivalled taste for music. Constructing a unique sound of his own, made from raw hypnotic beats infused with mystical breaks, he creates an ambience with his sound and takes you far away. Knowledge for music is key to creating that perfect sound, and his sets are produced with track selections that flow effortlessly from one state to another, gripping listeners at every step along the way. For all bookings please contact: